Attention... Escape... Movement...

The Three Basic Principles Behind All Tools for Creative Thinking

There are literally hundreds of tools in the creativity literature. Despite the diversity of tools to support creative thinking, all such tools are based on three simple principles: attention, escape, and movement.

This simple, three-part structure opens the way to the development of an infinite number of methods for DirectedCreativity. The tools of creative thinking are simply various combinations of practical ways to implement these principles -- to focus attention, escape the current reality, and continue mental movement. The relative weights given to attention, escape, and movement, and the mechanics of directing these three mental actions, vary among the methods.

You can now develop your own techniques that are specifically suited to the issues you are dealing with, to your own personality and preferences, or to the subtle dynamics of a particular group. There is no magic in the methods written down in books; at least no magic that you cannot duplicate on your own.

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