SJ&D is the hypothetical accounting firm of Smith, Jones, and Duzkiwitz that we introduced on the page describing the the three basic principles behind all creativity tools. We will use SJ&D as a running example to illustrate a variety of DirectedCreativity tools. A short synopsis of the case is given below.

A Creativity Challenge at the Accounting Firm of Smith, Jones, and Duzkiwitz (SJ&D)

Smith, Jones, and Duzkiwitz (SJ&D), with 63 accountants, is one of the largest and most respected firms in the city. It has also developed a reputation for being somewhat "stuffy."

Corporate downsizing has lead to a local economy based on small, entrepreneurial businesses; rather than large, traditional companies. These new business leaders need SJ&D's accounting and financial services, but wood-paneled offices, country-club lunches, and formal relationships mean little to them. What they want are innovative services tailored to their needs and lifestyles. And that is exactly what they are starting to get from some of the small accounting firms in the city.

To their credit, the partners in the firm have recognized the need for innovative change and are anxious to do something about it. Mr. Duzkiwitz has asked Steven Ross, the firm's Manager of Quality, to head up an effort to generate some innovative pilot services in the firm.

"What we need are some new, fresh ideas," Mr. Duzkiwitz said, leaning back in his chair. "Creativity. Service. That's the ticket. A year from now, I want the local business section of the newspaper to feature a story on us hailing the innovative services that we have brought to our clients." Duzkiwitz swiveled in his chair to access his calendar on the firm's computer system. "Can we get an initial set of ideas back from your team in, say... a month?"

Click here to access a more detailed description of the case and to see a plan for approaching the challenge that utilizes the three basic principles of DirectedCreativity

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