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Paul E. Plsek & Associates, Inc. provides a variety of consulting and seminar services on the topic of DirectedCreativity.



Stuck in your thinking? Need some creative ideas in a specific area? Call us. We can generate ideas for you, or craft a plan to involve others in your organization in DirectedCreativity thinking. We can also help you develop organization-wide systems for stimulating more creative thinking. We specialize in bringing DirectedCreativity to quality management efforts.


Want to share information about DirectedCreativity with colleagues? Need a speaker for a retreat or professional conference? We can present the basic ideas of DirectedCreativity in one- to two-hour presentations, provide more tools and practical application advice in half- to full-day seminars, or train others to facilitate DirectedCreativity in multi-day workshops.We can also craft focused workshops of any length around your specific topical needs (for example, creative cost reduction, creative strategic planning, etc.).


Need to provide training in DirectedCreativity? Would you like to integrate DirectedCreativity concepts and tools into your existing training materials? We have extensive experience in instructional design and can help you with any of your creativity training needs. Again, we specialize in bringing directed creativity to quality management and reengineering efforts.

References available upon request. E-mail us to discuss your needs and to check our availability (or call us at 770-587-2492).

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