Our Favorite Web Sites On Creativity and Innovation

The World Wide Web is a constantly changing network of both great information and useless junk. Compiling a list of the best web sites on any topic is a never-ending task.

So, consider the list here as only a starting point for your exploration. Use an Internet search engine like Yahoo! or AltaVista to search on the words creativity or innovation and see what you come up with. (Warning! You will get several hundred items.)

Some of the sites below also provide site-lists that appear to be regularly updated. So, you can be confident that good, new web sites will eventually appear on the lists here or at these other sites.

Note: Sites will open in a new browser window.

The Creativity Web Page is a creation of Charles Cave in Sydney, Australia. Great page with lots of good information that is updated regularly. Extensive list of books on creativity. Fabulous resource describing the various software products that are available to support creative thinking. Regularly updated instructions on how to subscribe to the various Internet list servers on creativity-related topics. Extensive list of links to other great web sites.
Very nice site containing hypertext guidelines for creativity thinking, and lots of interesting historical examples. The guidelines and examples can be used as provocation and analogies to stimulate creative thinking.
The official home page of creative thinking guru Edward deBono. Contains a regularly updated message from de Bono, as well as information about his many books, seminars, and creative thinking tools.
Web site of The Right Brain Works (located in Hawaii, I think). The page boldly declares that it was "established in 1990 as the creative center of the universe." Lots of good resources and links to other sites. Good list of creativity-enhancing software. Might want to turn off graphics-loading for this page; a bit too much for our taste.
The Global Idea Bank is a project of the Institute for Social Inventions in London. The page invites you to submit creative ideas in a variety of categories and offers a £1,000 prize (about $1500 US). Great place to get some recognition for all of those ideas you generate.
Home page for MIT's International Center for Research on the Management of Technology. Describes the center and its course offerings. Links to working papers and books published by students and faculty at the center.
Home page of the Innovation Research Center at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Contains a list of links to over two dozen web pages on the topic of innovation.


Do you have a favorite site that you think should replace one of the sites on our list? Send suggestions via e-mail; include both your favorite site and the one on our list that you think it should replace.


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