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The Essential Library of DirectedCreativity

The books cited below will give you a deeper understanding of the theory and tools of directed creativity. Anyone who is serious about being a more creative thinker should have these books in his or her personal library.

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So, here they are. The six books that comprise the Essential Library of DirectedCreativity...

Creativity, Innovation, and Quality. by Paul E. Plsek (ASQC Quality Press, 1997)

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This is our definitive guide to DirectedCreativity, with application to the pursuit of quality (TQM) in business. Section 1 explains why serious people in organizations should be interested in creativity. Section 2 outlines the essential theory behind directed creativity. Section 3 is a comprehensive guide to the tools of creative thinking and section 4 describes the application of directed creativity to reengineering, product and service design, customer needs analysis, and problem solving. An easy to read, practical, and informative guidebook.
Serious Creativity : Using the Power of Lateral Thinking to Create New Ideas. by Edward de Bono (Harper-Collins, 1992)
Edward de Bono is prolific writer on the topic of thinking in general and creative thinking in particular. Part 1 of this text will introduce you to such classic de Bono-isms as "lateral thinking" and the "self-organizing mechanism of mind." Though de Bono never refers directly to the research from the cognitive sciences, you will find his work consistent with it. Part 2 covers tools and techniques for creative thinking, while part 3 discusses issues of organization-wide creative thinking. de Bono's style is crisp, sometimes too crisp, but the book is fun to read.
101 Creative Problem Solving Techniques: The Handbook of New Ideas for Business. by James M. Higgins (New Management Publishing Company, 1994)
This is my favorite catalogue of creative thinking tools. Each of the 101 tools is explained in detail; the book will provide you with plenty of food for thought. The presentation is organized around the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) model, but the translation to the directed creativity model we present here is easy.
Idea Power: Techniques and Resources to Unleash the Creativity in Your Organization. by Arthur VanGundy (American Management Association, 1992.
Like the Higgins' book cited above, this is another great catalogue of tools. In addition, VanGundy has more to say about group and organizational creativity. The Appendix alone justifies the cost of the book. It contains an exhaustive list of videotapes, training programs, and software for creative thinking.
The Mind's Best Work. by D. N. Perkins (Harvard University Press, 1981)
This classic text takes you through the essential theory behind the modern view that creativity is not the result of some magical genius that only a few possess. While Perkins is a great scholar and there are extensive end notes for those who are interested in the primary references, the book itself is written in an easy-to-read populist style.
The Nature of Creativity: Contemporary Psychological Perspectives. edited by Robert J. Sternberg (Cambridge University Press, 1988)
This is a comprehensive scholarly reference on the topic. Sternberg is an incredible synthesizer of others' work, as well as a major contributor to the field himself. The 17 chapters are well written and relatively free from the repetition one sometimes finds in a collected work such as this. The contributor's list reads like a who's who of psychologists, educators, philosophers, and computer scientists working in the field of thinking about creativity.


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